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Making School Irrestible!

Making School Irrestible! Successful School Culture Through Attendance by: Susan Denton, Principal (TK-5)

We know that coming to school everyday is essential for students to progress in their academic success. But how do we get students who are reluctant to attend to want to come to school everyday, and how do we impress upon parents who were not successful in schools themselves, to encourage daily attendance for their children?

Our answer is make learning fun and make everyday one that students would not want to miss! How students feel at school can have a direct correlation to their willingness or reluctance to attend everyday. When students feel loved, supported, and valued, we know they are more apt and excited to come daily. As our TK-5 school has implemented these strategies over the past four years, we have seen a significant growth in student daily attendance percentages and a dramatic decrease in chronic absenteeism.

Here are a few ideas to get students to WANT to come to school …

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