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Students at the Center

I had the brilliant thought to travel to a conference in December, through what happened to be one of the driest seasons in Southern California. Fires. Everywhere. But since it is important for me to make sure to keep up on learning, off I went, and I am so thrilled and grateful I did! What moments I would have missed if I had decided to stay home? What insight and connections with like-minded educators would I have not made?

(*all @ connections are the group or person's twitter handle)

I was able to attend the California League of Schools Fall Conference (@clsfall2017)  in San Diego, California. The focus was "Students at the Center", and my thought was "Of course! As they should be for all educators!"

As we know, we all experience cycles that require an extra motivational boost and personal reminders as to why we are in education. Why do we go everyday to deal with students, who may not want to be there, and families who come with a plethora of problems?

I esp…

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